Capabilities, Critical and Creative Thinking

Critical and creative thinking capability aims to ensure that students develop:

  • understanding of thinking processes and an ability to manage and apply these intentionally
  • skills and learning dispositions that support logical, strategic, flexible and adventurous thinking
  • confidence in evaluating thinking and thinking processes across a range of familiar and unfamiliar contexts.

Ref: Critical and Creative Thinking Capability Rationale and Aims

Critical and Creative Thinking: Foundation - Level 10

Capabilities, Ethical Capability

The Ethical Capability curriculum aims to develop knowledge, understandings and skills to enable students to:

  • Analyse and evaluate ethical issues, recognising areas of contestability
  • Identify the bases of ethical principles and ethical reasoning
  • Engage with the challenges of managing ethical decision making and action for individuals and groups
  • Cultivate open-mindedness and reasonableness.

Ref: Ethical Capability - Rationale and Aims

Ethical Capability: Foundation - Level 10

Capabilities, Intercultural Capability

Intercultural capability aims to develop knowledge, understandings and skills to enable students to:

  • demonstrate an awareness of and respect for cultural diversity within the community
  • reflect on how intercultural experiences influence attitudes, values and beliefs
  • recognise the importance of acceptance and appreciation of cultural diversity for a cohesive community.

Ref: Intercultural Capability - Rationale and Aims

Intercultural Capability: Foundation - Level 10

Capabilities, Personal and Social Capability

The Personal and Social Capability aims to develop knowledge, understandings and skills to enable students to:

  • recognise, understand and evaluate the expression of emotions
  • demonstrate an awareness of their personal qualities and the factors that contribute to resilience
  • develop empathy for and understanding of others and recognise the importance of supporting diversity for a cohesive community
  • understand how relationships are developed and use interpersonal skills to establish and maintain respectful relationships
  • work effectively in teams and develop strategies to manage challenging situations constructively.

Ref:  Personal and Social Capability - Rationale and Aims

Personal and Social Capability: Foundation - Level 6